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About us

Paul Benoy, the principal of Benoy Commercial Finance has wide experience of the Commercial Finance sector having been a Corporate Manager with a High Street bank for many years before striking out on his own in 2003. Paul has strongly held views about the service levels of the High Street banks.

"All of the main banks have followed a similar pattern of cutting costs driven by the need to redesign the 'Business Banking Model'. This has been necessary due to the competitive environment created by technology. Inevitably however removing staff from High Street premises has had a detrimental effect on customer service."

In many ways the highly professional service provided by Benoy Commercial Finance takes away from clients the problems now associated with dealing with the High Street Banks.

"The fact that we have frequent dealings with most of the Prime lenders means we can quickly get issues resolved where our clients may experience the frustrations of dealing with call centres and the consequent inability to undertake clients' simple requests. Clients of Benoy Commercial Finance are invariably very complimentary about the service provided and on many occasions ask to retain us as their banking adviser on an ongoing basis."

Benoy Commercial Finance deals almost exclusively with business development managers of all lenders on our panel. This enables us to obtain swift and definitive responses to finance enquiries and at rates which would not normally be offered directly to clients. However, as part of our service is to deal with all aspects of a loan application, we take away from our client all of the time consuming issues associated with trying to cut through formality and obtain agreement to the required level of borrowing. This includes not only obtaining agreement, but also other aspects such as arranging valuations, liaising with legal advisors, insurance requirements etc.

Finance Applications

A major aspect of our service is in putting together comprehensive commercial finance applications ensuring all the necessary information is included to enable potential lenders to make a quick decision. Applications are invariably placed with a number of different lenders with the intention of securing the best deal possible particularly in terms of fees, interest margin and security requirements.

We are therefore able to ensure that our clients are getting the best rates available and at the same time we act as intermediary dealing directly with lenders. It is becoming clear that a major benefit of seeking finance through Benoy Commercial Finance, on both the residential and commercial sides, is in removing difficulties our clients tend to have in dealing directly with the High Street lenders.

"No strings" solutions

A further advantage of utilizing our services lies in the fact that the majority of the commercial finance we arrange is "stand alone". In other words the lenders will not make any conditions regarding the day to day Banking requirements of a business so that if clients do not want to move their Bank account, they are not obliged to do so.

This sometimes is an added bonus in that most banks will restrict the overall level of borrowing to their customers, with the result that taking on, for example, a new commercial mortgage, may result in working capital finance being restricted to a level below the requirements of the business. Conversely a bank may decline additional borrowing for an existing client whilst another lender may be very happy to provide the finance.

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